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Buying Healthy Foods Without Breaking the Bank

It is now common knowledge that more and more chemicals, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics are making their way into foods. While it is recommended to eat organic produce whenever possible, it can get expensive and this is hard to do for many seniors who live on a budget. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) – a […]
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Healthy Food Shopping for Older Adults

Paying close attention to serving size, calories, and total fat are all important details, but adopting good nutrition begins in the grocery store. The following guidelines can help caregivers to ensure that seniors are eating nutrient-rich foods. Take note of the key components on food labels, such as calories, sodium, sugars, and fats. There are […]
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The Benefits of Elderly Persons Owning a Pet

For elderly persons who live at home alone or even in a group facility, owning a pet can provide stress reduction, result in lower blood pressure, encourage social interaction and physical activity, and prompt the desire to do research and learn about their pet. Studies have found a connection between cardiovascular health and pets. A […]
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