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elder care

Person-Centered Care (PDC) for Seniors

The Person Directed Care, or PDC, philosophy honors the wonder of the human spirit. This Philosophy transforms the priorities of health care from accomplishing task to instead focusing on meeting the needs and satisfying the desire of the client or patient. The key components include; treating each client as an individual, valuing and empowering them, […]
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Long-Distance Caregiving

There are many details involved when caregiving from afar. A person may want to help an aging loved one as much as possible, but distance makes things difficult. The first step is to speak to the person who is being cared for and any person who will be providing the most in-person care for them. […]
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A Connection Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

Research indicates that an increase in hearing loss may result in increased risk for cognitive decline and possibly dementia. Research also indicates that limited hearing is linked to the health of the brain, and adults with loss of hearing are more likely to develop dementia than adults with average hearing. It is estimated that over […]
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