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March is National Nutrition Month

As we enter National Nutrition Month, it is a good time to take inventory of your diet to assess caloric intake, serving sizes, total fat, and any needed improvements to ensure you have a balanced diet. Here are some tips for elderly caregivers aiming to shop for nutrient-rich foods: One must first understand the basics […]
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Home Care Agencies vs. Registries: What’s the Difference?

Developing a good plan to help care for aging loved ones can sometimes be an overwhelming task to face. Who or where do you for advice and answers to your questions? The goal is to hire a caregiver who is trustworthy, reliable, experienced and compassionate, and the support of a reputable home health agency is […]
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Addressing Concerns Families have when Hiring Home Care

Home health caregivers enter the homes of loved ones each day across the nation. Whether someone is recovering from an illness or injury, or they require long-term home health care, home health caregivers offer extra help or possibly full-time help, and it is perfectly natural for a family who is considering this option to have […]
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Home Care for Mid-Stage Alzheimer’s Patients

Is your family member suffering from mid-stage Alzheimer’s? This disease can be devastating, and the middle stages can be particularly disturbing. Your loved one will become increasingly disoriented and discouraged by their developing condition, and your family will begin to become stressed at the prospect of caring for the patient. At this time, it’s completely […]
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3 Tips for Selecting a Caregiver in Naples

We cherish our loved ones and want only the best for them – especially when they are in a position where they can no longer completely care for themselves. That often means finding a caregiver in Naples who can offer them what they need: compassionate, supportive, and professional care delivered from a caregiver who is […]
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An Interview with Our Speech Pathologist: Nicole Lombrillo, MS, CCC-SLP, LSVT LOUD Certified

MPCH Team: How long have you been in the health care field? Nicole: “I started my health care career in 1998.” MPCH Team: What made you want to become a speech therapist? Nicole: “I was on track to become a deaf interpreter when
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doctor recommending home health

You Can Choose Your Home Health Care Provider

There are times you may find yourself in need of home health care, whether it’s after a hospitalization or because your doctor recommends it.  In either of these cases, the doctor who decides you need home health care will write an order for you. It is important to know that you have the freedom to […]
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