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Medicare Advantage Will Allow In-home Care as Supplemental Benefit in 2019

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced that non-skilled, in-home care services will be allowed as a supplemental benefit for Medicare Advantage (MA) plans in 2019. This is the first time that CMS has allowed supplemental benefits which include daily maintenance for recipients of Medicare Advantage. “CMS is expanding the definition of […]
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Facts about Diabetes

What is non-insulin dependent diabetes? Non-insulin dependent diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. With Type II diabetes, your body makes insulin but cannot use the insulin it makes, Insulin is necessary for proper metabolism of digested food. This leads to elevated blood sugars. Some people may need insulin injections or oral medications to […]
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Buying Healthy Foods Without Breaking the Bank

It is now common knowledge that more and more chemicals, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics are making their way into foods. While it is recommended to eat organic produce whenever possible, it can get expensive and this is hard to do for many seniors who live on a budget. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) – a […]
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Treating Arthritis in Aging Adults Through Water Exercises

The Mayo Clinic recommends that people who suffer from arthritis exercise in addition to the treatment programs determined by the medical professionals they are working with. The healthcare organization suggests that range-of-motion, strengthening and aerobic exercises are crucial in improving join pain and stiffness. But for patients, the pain alone can often be discouraging when […]
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Having Difficult Conversations with Aging Loved Ones

With holiday events bringing families together, they present an opportunity to talk face-to-face with your aging loved ones. The goal of making lasting memories while simultaneously attempting to have challenging conversations within a limited amount of time can make things a bit stressful. These conversations can feel forced, there are ways to connect in meaningful […]
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Detecting and Managing Hearing Loss in Seniors

As we get older, the nerve circuits in the inner ear deteriorate. The nerves that carry information to the brain and the nerves that filter and refine sound eventually become less proficient. It takes longer to decode sound signals. The filters that purify the sound do not work as well, so background noise can become […]
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How Socialization Benefits Elders and Their Caregivers

As people age and certain physical activities become more difficult to manage, some tend to withdraw socially. Lack of energy and other health conditions may also be a factor. This affects those who withdraw and those who are caring for them and/or sharing a home with them. Caregivers are often told how important it is […]
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Several Warning Signs of a Stroke

Strokes are currently the second highest cause of death across the globe with research indicating that one person in the world will suffer from a stroke every two seconds. World Stroke Day was on October 29, which highlights education regarding strokes, including risk factors and warning signs of a stroke. Strokes, depending on how serious […]
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A Connection Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

Research indicates that an increase in hearing loss may result in increased risk for cognitive decline and possibly dementia. Research also indicates that limited hearing is linked to the health of the brain, and adults with loss of hearing are more likely to develop dementia than adults with average hearing. It is estimated that over […]
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Heart Health

World Heart Day was established at the beginning of the 21st century as a means or the World Heart Federation to increase awareness about heart health. Worldwide, heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death each year, resulting in the lost of over 17.5 million lives. The World Heart Federation has the goal […]
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