Four Things to Consider When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

September 19, 2018

Four Things to Consider When Choosing an Assisted Living FacilityNo one looks forward to the day that they’ll need to move an aging parent into an assisted living facility. Yet depending on the needs of your loved one, there may be a time where home care assistance is no longer enough.

If you feel this day may be fast approaching, there are several things you’ll want to consider before you decide which Naples nursing home is best for your family.

Pay close attention to the staff

When you begin to tour facilities, you’ll want to pay attention to a lot more than the wallpaper. The staff is among the most important things you’ll want to ask about. Some industry experts suggest looking for a facility that has one staffer for every 12 residents.

You should also ask about staff turnover, since low turnover is generally indicative of a well-run facility. Ask about the average tenure of staff members and be sure to ask how long the administrator has been on the job.

Find out of the residents are active

In a previous blog post we discussed the benefits of exercise for aging adults and seniors. Ask if the facility offers any senior-specific exercise classes. You’ll also want to take not as to whether the residents seem to be spending most of their time sitting down or in their rooms, as opposed to playing board games, cards or participating in arts and crafts. Try to visit during different times of the day to see if the staffers are more keeping to themselves as opposed to interacting with residents.

Ask about extras

Does the facility engage in any outings? Do they provide shuttle services for residents who need to go to doctors’ appointments? How are things like this handled? How are these services billed and who are they billed to?

Talk to other residents

Most of the residents in Naples nursing homes will be happy to answer questions you have about the facility. Ask about their experience being there. How’s the food? Do they like the staff? Is the facility comfortable? If possible, you should also try to talk to their relatives to get their perspective, too.

In closing

The idea that you may need to move an aging parent to an assisted living facility can be hard to digest, but with a little planning and research, when that day does finally come, you’ll be able to feel more confident in your decision.