Benefits of Home Health Care for Seniors

September 26, 2018

Benefits of Home Health Care for Seniors…If you have an aging parent who is having difficulty performing around-the-house tasks on their own, but they’re leaps and bounds away from needing to move into a nursing home, home health care may be an option.

Below are some of the ways that a home health aide may be able to help your parent retain some of their independence.

They can help improve quality of life

When you work with a home health care agency you’ll be working with professionals that understand the important of helping seniors stay in charge of their lives for as long as they can. Many seniors report high rates of personal satisfaction in being able to remain in their homes as opposed to moving directly into a senior care facility.

It can help improve your peace of mind

An experienced home health care provider can improve your peace of mind because you’ll know that someone will be there to help your parents receive care based on their individual needs. Not only will the caregiver be able to help your parent maintain their health, they can also help with individualized services.  Home health services are varied and can include things such as meal prep, palliative care and serious injury care. It also means your parent will receive regular visits from a familiar, friendly face.

Studies show that seniors prefer to age in place

A 2013 study found that roughly 90 percent of seniors prefer to remain in their homes. When seniors are able to age in place, not only will they be able to retain their independence for a longer period of time, they’ll also be able to maintain their own schedule for activities and mealtimes.

Staying at home allows aging seniors to retain more control over their lives, including allowing for more opportunities to interact with friends, neighbors and family members. Lastly, since it’s agreed that remaining at home allows seniors to be in the least restrictive environment, it’s widely held that home health care can help ward off the types of stress and depression that are often associated with moving into a nursing home.

Final thoughts

If you have one or more aging parents who you feel may benefit from home care, we’re here to help.  Call Moorings Park Home Health Agency today at 239-643-9128 to learn more about the types of services we provide that can help seniors with successful aging.

Benefits of Home Care