Person-Centered Care (PDC) for Seniors

March 7, 2018

Private Duty Services

The Person Directed Care, or PDC, philosophy honors the wonder of the human spirit. This Philosophy transforms the priorities of health care from accomplishing task to instead focusing on meeting the needs and satisfying the desire of the client or patient. The key components include; treating each client as an individual, valuing and empowering them, building choice, control, hope in each interactions.

Person Directed Care is important and provides innumerable benefits for the patient/client, their families, care partners, and management. Often families are working full time, and may just need a hand with supporting and encouraging relationships.

In a PDC culture the patient/client preferences and past patterns form the basis of decision making. The patient/client makes the decision, while the care partners adapt and encourage their daily routines. When patients/clients not capable of articulating their needs and choices, the care partners honor observed preferences and lifelong habits, needs and choices.

As care partners our goal and mission is to continually collect data and analyze our  clients PDC practices to make sure we are continually to stand tall next to our mission, while upholding our practices to make sure they are appropriate, being employed, and we are achieving the desired outcome.

We offer affordable home care services to assist you when you may not be able to juggle everything. In keeping up with the level of care and attention that your aging loved one deserves, it is our priority to diligently work with you and your loved one to come up with a person-centered plan that works for everyone’s benefit.