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March, 2018

How to Receive Home Health Care

Home care referrals can be made directly from your Doctor’s office, a hospital discharge planner, a rehabilitation center or a skilled nursing facility.  Moorings Park Home Health provides an easy transition for you from a hospital or nursing facility to your home. THE ADMISSION PROCESS: • Your Doctor or you notify Moorings Park Home Health […]
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More Opting for Home Health Versus Skilled Nursing Facilities

A decreased number of Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) recipients are being referred by hospitals to nursing facilities and, in turn, there has been an increase in those being referred for home health services instead. With that said, this modification in hospital referral trends is not across the board in all areas of the United States. Washington, […]
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Person-Centered Care (PDC) for Seniors

The Person Directed Care, or PDC, philosophy honors the wonder of the human spirit. This Philosophy transforms the priorities of health care from accomplishing task to instead focusing on meeting the needs and satisfying the desire of the client or patient. The key components include; treating each client as an individual, valuing and empowering them, […]
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