Long-Distance Caregiving

February 15, 2018

Private Duty Services

There are many details involved when caregiving from afar. A person may want to help an aging loved one as much as possible, but distance makes things difficult. The first step is to speak to the person who is being cared for and any person who will be providing the most in-person care for them. The next step is to get organized and figure out what can be taken care of from a distance. Here is a checklist to break done some of the things that will need to be taken care of:

  • Evaluate the safety of the home where your loved one is living
  • Ensure the home and property where they live is properly maintained
  • Form a team with any local family, friends and neighbors
  • Coordinate with any doctors and other health care providers
  • Secure any necessary medical equipment
  • Research and hire an in-home professional caregiver
  • Manage bill paying and finances
  • Make any health insurance payments, benefits and claims
  • Create a plan in care of any emergency
  • Research and locate the best local hospital and assisted living or skilled care facility

Some of the resources that are available for long-distance caregivers include: local area agencies on aging, local senior centers, National Institute on Aging, Family Caregiver Alliance, and Eldercare Locator.

As a caregiver who is providing any kind of care from a distance, one should try to visit a loved one as often as possible and continue to stay connected with the team of family, friends and neighbors.

Our team of Life Care Managers, also known as Geriatric Care Managers, help seniors remain independent in their home. We assess, advocate and assist seniors and their family so you can make informed decisions with a higher level of confidence by looking at the whole person’s health, social and psychological aspects.

This service is especially beneficial for those with family members who live far away or who find themselves overwhelmed with the demands of helping day-to-day. Long distance caregiving can be very difficult. A Life Care Manager can be your eyes and ears, ensuring care of your loved one – they can be with your loved one at the hospital in an emergency or planned stay.

Through an evaluation and assessment process, a personal plan is created based on what is right for you and your family.

  • Advocacy on the Client’s Behalf
  • Communication with Long-Distance Families
  • Medical Visit Coordination & Attendance
  • Communication with Healthcare Professionals
  • Household Management
  • Health & Daily Living Monitoring
  • Emergency Support Services (24-hour Hospital & ER Visits)

Program Packages

Whether you are simply seeking education and guidance, occasional monitoring or ongoing life care management, we have several affordable programs available. Click here for a printable page of program descriptions.

  • Life Care Management Program
  • Life Care Monitoring Program
  • Life Care Management & Consultation Package
  • Life Care Consultation