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November, 2017

Why and When to Opt for Using Home Health Care for Seniors

If you are like the majority of aging adults, you likely prefer to live at home for as long as possible. You enjoy the feeling of independence and being in familiar surroundings. Despite this, there may be some daily activities that are beginning to become a little challenging, such as dressing, bathing, driving, and grocery […]
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Healthy Food Shopping for Older Adults

Paying close attention to serving size, calories, and total fat are all important details, but adopting good nutrition begins in the grocery store. The following guidelines can help caregivers to ensure that seniors are eating nutrient-rich foods. Take note of the key components on food labels, such as calories, sodium, sugars, and fats. There are […]
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How Socialization Benefits Elders and Their Caregivers

As people age and certain physical activities become more difficult to manage, some tend to withdraw socially. Lack of energy and other health conditions may also be a factor. This affects those who withdraw and those who are caring for them and/or sharing a home with them. Caregivers are often told how important it is […]
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Holiday Season

We want to remind you to take that hourly deep breath…… Are you having a difficult time keeping up with your growing family during the holidays? Once that quaint Thanksgiving or Christmas…. is now more of an event rather than a gathering……  Sometimes it’s as simple as managing expectations that come this time of the […]
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