Remain Independent in Your Own Home

October 5, 2017


It came to our attention through the time that our area was affected by Hurricane Irma, that there are many families in need of help during a time of crisis, whether a natural disaster or another type of crisis. Various issues that arise with regard to aging can be difficult to deal with, however, it is extremely important to discuss personal matters with loved ones to ensure health, safety and highest quality of life. Often pride, stubbornness, and fear create resistance and prevent some from getting the help that is truly needed. Setting those feelings aside is necessary in order to make practical decisions that will ensure safety, comfort and proper care.

With that said, we can help! We will bring all the quality of Moorings Park to you within the comfort of your own home!

A Life Care Manager (LCM) can fulfill a key role in your life in a number of ways. A LCM can check on you on a routine basis and report back to your family with regard to your status. A LCM can also help to coordinate medical appointments and accompany you throughout your day, as needed. Our staff will help you and your family in assessing the type of help you need, so you can remain in your home and live an independent life while simultaneously counting on any help you need.

So stay in your home, and allow Moorings Park Community Health to assist you. This program is designed to allow you to stay home through mindful planning and necessary support. A LCM is on-call 24/7 for support.