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October, 2017

Several Warning Signs of a Stroke

Strokes are currently the second highest cause of death across the globe with research indicating that one person in the world will suffer from a stroke every two seconds. World Stroke Day was on October 29, which highlights education regarding strokes, including risk factors and warning signs of a stroke. Strokes, depending on how serious […]
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A Connection Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

Research indicates that an increase in hearing loss may result in increased risk for cognitive decline and possibly dementia. Research also indicates that limited hearing is linked to the health of the brain, and adults with loss of hearing are more likely to develop dementia than adults with average hearing. It is estimated that over […]
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3 Signs that it May be Time to Bring in Outside Help

It is not uncommon for couples that have lived together for a long time to learn how to adapt, adjust and compensate for each other’s weaknesses. They figure out how to make it work until something happens and everything falls apart. You do not have to wait until an emergency happens to get help, though. […]
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Remain Independent in Your Own Home

It came to our attention through the time that our area was affected by Hurricane Irma, that there are many families in need of help during a time of crisis, whether a natural disaster or another type of crisis. Various issues that arise with regard to aging can be difficult to deal with, however, it […]
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