The Importance in Informing Your Doctor About Any Fall or Injury

August 10, 2017

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Falls and fall-related injuries amongst seniors are undoubtedly an area of concern. Despite this, a recent study shows that approximately half of seniors who have suffered a fall do not discuss the fall with their doctor. When someone has suffered a fall, it is very important to discuss it with the doctor for a variety of reasons.

If an older adult has not discussed a fall with their doctor, that means they probably have not engaged in any preventative activities, such as exercise, a review of any medications they may be taking, modifications that may be necessary in the home, and more that could help prevent future falls. Another common occurrence after a fall is for an elderly person to develop a fear of falling again, which may cause them to become less social and even isolated. Without having a discussion with a doctor to discuss the experience, the elderly person may continue to fall and the injuries could become more serious over time.

The number one reason that elders do not discuss a fall with their doctors is that they prefer to live at home, rather than in an assisted living facility, and they fear that reporting the fall could result in the doctor or a family member insisting that they move into a long-term care facility. Another reason why elderly persons do not discuss falls with their doctors is because they do want to inconvenience family members or caregivers.

The important thing to remember is that the risk of suffering any complications from a fall-related injury decreases substantially when discussed with a doctor who can help determine what, if anything needs to be done to provide treatment for the injury and prevent future falls. For this reason, a fall should always be discussed with a doctor. The doctor can then evaluate whether some type of medical issue is the cause of the fall and decide the best next steps from that point on. Best next steps may include a referral to a physical therapist to assist with strength training and balance. The bottom line is for older adults to always remember it is best to discuss any fall and/or fall-related injury with a doctor.

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