The Importance of a Local Primary Doctor for Seasonal Residents

July 26, 2017

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Southwest Florida enjoys a substantial inflow during the winter and early spring months especially. When seasonal residents experience an injury or become ill, they are often unsure as to whom to go to for medical care, since many seasonal residents do not have a local primary physician. Often times, their only primary care doctor is located in another state.

If you are a seasonal resident and you happen to suffer an injury or become ill, it is important to obtain medical care as soon as it is necessary and to not have to deal with any delay in obtaining medical care, which could result in complications and a worsening of any injury or illness. For this reason, it is strongly recommended for seasonal residents to have a primary physician in Southwest Florida as well as in the state where they live the majority of the year. Prompt medical care could mean the difference between something becoming life threatening or quickly embarking on the road to recovery so that you can get back to your usual lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Seasonal residents also often express concerns related to beginning any medical treatment in Southwest Florida during their stay and then returning to their home state and continuing treatment there. Fortunately, the process can be quite seamless when you have the right medical professionals and supporting staff involved. Records and treatment plans can be shared from one office to the other ahead of any transition and the moving from one place to another should not affect your care. The most important thing is to receive the care necessary for any injury or illness in the most timely manner. Selecting a primary physician to be able to go to for anything that is necessary, in both your home state as well as your seasonal home, is the best option in ensuring that happens.