Panel Discussions Regarding Key Things to Know About Aging on May 31

May 3, 2017

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The first part of this year’s Senior Empowerment Series hosted by The Leadership Coalition on Aging will take place on May 31 from 1pm to 3pm. An educational panel discussion of professionals will highlight key things to know about aging. Organizations will discuss topics such as advanced planning, understanding 5 wishes, senior living options, and in home care services.

Making healthcare plans for the future is an important step in assuring you get the medical care you would like, even when medical professionals and family members are involved in making decisions for you.

Data indicates that one out of four older Americans are faced with making decisions regarding medical treatment near the end of life, but are not fully capable of making those decisions when necessary. Advance care planning involves learning about the types of decisions that may need to be made, considering those decisions ahead of time, and figuring out how to advise others about your wishes, such as through an advanced directive.

Advanced planning helps others to know what type of medical care you may want and allows you to express your values and desires related end-of-life care.

Because of advances in medicine and in public health, Americans are living longer and staying healthier as they grow older. It is important to think about what kind of treatment you do or do not want in case of a medical emergency. It is also important to possibly speak to your doctor about how your present health conditions could influence your health in the future. If you do not have any medical issues, your family history could provide clues about topics to possibly consider regarding possible future medical issues.

The professionals who will take part in the educational panel discussion on May 31 will discuss a variety of key topics that one should consider as you age. The discussion will be held in the South Regional Library located at 8065 Lely Cultural Parkway in Naples. You may RSVP by calling (239) 687-3156.