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February, 2017

Yoga Practice Benefits for Aging Adults with Arthritis

Yoga has become one of the most popular physical and mental fitness activities in the United States, with a reported 20 million + Americans participating in the practice. More and more aging persons are taking to the mat and getting involved in yoga classes offered within their communities. Medical research reports indicate that yoga helps […]
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Home Remedies to Ease Aches and Pains for Seniors

Aches and pains inevitably increase over time as our bodies age and the management of those every day aches and pains becomes more of a challenge for many people. Studies indicate over 10 percent of adults report they experience some type of pain on a daily basis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports […]
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Give where you Live 2017

Today is the day! Starting today, 2/15, at noon for 24 hours, please consider making an online donation to Give Where You Live 2017 and your gift will be MATCHED!! Collier Senior Resources is pleased that once again we have been selected to participate in Give Where You Live Collier 2017 Thanks to the support […]
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Continued Mobility and Retraining the Brain

Decreased mobility due to aging is reversible. Studies show that we typically lose 8 percent or more muscle mass every ten years after the age of 40, and muscle mass gives you strength, which is important when it comes to mobility. Many specialists have made it the focus of their careers to study the benefits […]
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