Home Care Agencies vs. Registries: What’s the Difference?

January 29, 2017

Home Health Medicare Certified Services

Developing a good plan to help care for aging loved ones can sometimes be an overwhelming task to face. Who or where do you for advice and answers to your questions? The goal is to hire a caregiver who is trustworthy, reliable, experienced and compassionate, and the support of a reputable home health agency is likely the best route. It is important to know, however, that some companies that appear to be home health agencies are in fact registry services. Both businesses seem similar in that they both aim to connect families with home care workers, but beyond that they are very different.

Professional and reputable home health care agencies typically offer a variety of health and custodial services in the home. These agencies are licensed and regulated by their individual state laws, and they recruit, screen, hire, train and supervise the health care workers that work through them. The home health caregivers that go into your home through a home health agency are employees of the agency and are bonded and insured. You pay the agency and the agency handles all of the payroll taxes and other necessary human resource-related tasks.

Registries, on the other hand, are an employment placement service for home healthcare workers. Registries are also sometimes called private duty registry, independent contactor agency, or home health staffing services. Registries refer home health care workers to families, but they do not hire them. Registries are, in essence, the middleman between health care workers and families. Registries also charge a finder’s fee and once the worker is hired, the relationship typically ends there. When you hire a home health care worker through a registry, you are their employer and you may have to also assume certain responsibilities, risks, and liabilities. Some of these responsibilities include: hiring, training, supervision, payroll taxes, work-related injuries, backup, disciplinary action, ensuring your loved one’s safety, dealing with termination, and other costs.

Moorings Park Home Health Agency handles everything from matching you up with the best home health care worker that best fits you or your loved one’s needs, to all of the responsibilities surrounding the employment of their home health care worker, which they have assigned to you.