Addressing Concerns Families have when Hiring Home Care

January 28, 2017

Private Duty Services

Home health caregivers enter the homes of loved ones each day across the nation. Whether someone is recovering from an illness or injury, or they require long-term home health care, home health caregivers offer extra help or possibly full-time help, and it is perfectly natural for a family who is considering this option to have concerns.

Some of the primary concerns of families who are looking to hire home health services are regarding reliability of a home health caregiver, compatibility between the caregiver and the loved one who will be cared for, and preserving the privacy and independence of the loved one who will be receiving the service.

Families may initially feel a bit unnerved about hiring some to care for their loved ones. In order to alleviate some of this nervousness, family members should have questions ready for the caregiver during the interview process, ensure background checks have been run, review all training and certifications the caregiver has received, ask for references and follow through with checking all of the references. In addition to background checks, reference checks, and review of general training and certifications, the families should go over their loved ones specific needs and verify the potential caregiver is properly trained to deal with any specific conditions and/or needs.

In conjunction with hiring someone who is properly trained, it is imperative to hire someone who is compassionate, caring, and patient. A home health agency should match your loved one with someone who is capable of handling your loved one’s needs, as well as carefully matching a home health aide who will fit well with your loved one’s personality and lifestyle. The point is to ensure good communication and to establish and maintain a well-balanced professional relationship.

A third primary area of concern is that the environment in the home is conducive to the home health care provider assisting your loved one with their needs, while creating an environment that is conducive to keeping your loved one safe and as independent as possible in their home. This is to ensure your loved one remains as much in control of their day-to-day routine as is possible.

Moorings Park Home Health Agency is devoted to answering your questions and addressing all of your concerns, in order to put your worries at ease and establish a plan that works best for your family. Moorings Park Home Health is a licensed, Medicare certified and CHAP accredited home health agency, providing the finest quality care to the community. Services include: skilled nursing (RN/LPN), Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Medical Social Worker, Home Health Aide, Wound Care, IV Therapy, Telehealth, Fall Prevention, Patient Education and Caregiver/Family Instruction.