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January, 2017

Home Care Agencies vs. Registries: What’s the Difference?

Developing a good plan to help care for aging loved ones can sometimes be an overwhelming task to face. Who or where do you for advice and answers to your questions? The goal is to hire a caregiver who is trustworthy, reliable, experienced and compassionate, and the support of a reputable home health agency is […]
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Addressing Concerns Families have when Hiring Home Care

Home health caregivers enter the homes of loved ones each day across the nation. Whether someone is recovering from an illness or injury, or they require long-term home health care, home health caregivers offer extra help or possibly full-time help, and it is perfectly natural for a family who is considering this option to have […]
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Steps in Determining Care For Aging Family Members

Elderly family members typically have a strong desire to remain independent for as long as possible. In an effort to avoid becoming a burden on loved ones and remain in control of their own lives, aging family members will avoid asking for help. For this reason, it is often our responsibility to monitor the abilities […]
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Checklist: Is Your Elderly Loved One’s Home Safe?

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission says over 600,000 elderly Americans are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year, for injuries that occurred at home. Many of these injuries were easily preventable by taking some steps to ensure our elderly loved one’s homes are safe. Here is a checklist to help you evaluate your loved […]
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