Could you benefit from VIP personal assistant services?

December 1, 2016

Could You Benefit from VIP Personal Assistant Services?

There’s no doubt about it: for many people, life is busy.

Whether you’re a business owner, an executive, a professional, an active senior, or just a family that has a full schedule, you probably have more to do each day than you have time.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had help? If you had someone who could take over many of the tasks on your list that take away from your focus on the things that really matter?

Fortunately, for busy people there are VIP personal assistant services that can take on some of the burden of your busy schedule and give you more freedom to do what makes you happy and satisfied.

Here, we’ll talk about what VIP personal assistant services offer and who can benefit from them.

How VIP Personal Assistant Services Help

A driven, motivated VIP personal assistant can help with a wide variety of essential tasks, including (but not limited to):

Home maintenance and special projects

  • Coordinate with contractors for repairs on your home
  • Organize your home’s storage space
  • Help you prepare your home for hurricanes and other emergencies

Clerical assistance

  • Organize your paperwork, including bills and files
  • Organize your photos and other important documents
  • Collect your mail and help you with answering your mail

Move coordination

  • Help you coordinate with moving services
  • Assist you with downsizing
  • Coordinate with making donations of your possessions
  • Relocating, unpacking, and organizing
  • Help with home design

Social engagement

  • Monitor social events and activities
  • Assist in holiday event and celebrations
  • Help with participating in sporting events and hobbies

Travel coordination and assistance

  • Make travel arrangements
  • Coordinate with check-in
  • Provide transportation to and from the airport
  • Assist with packing and coordinating luggage
  • Help with moving through security

Computer and technology assistance

  • Help with internet searches, email communications, and web navigation
  • Help with using computers and mobile devices

Holiday planning and assistance

  • Assist with decorating
  • Coordinate holiday cards
  • Assist with holiday planning
  • Gift shopping, wrapping, and shipping

Home nurse talking to senior couple 78768320Are You a Good Fit for Personal Assistant Services?

People who benefit from our VIP personal assistant services lead busy lives. They have so much they want to do in order to live a fulfilling life. They appreciate help and know just how useful a personal assistant can be.

And they want more time to enjoy their life more fully.

If that sounds like you, please call 239-643-9121 to learn more about VIP personal assistant services to help you manage your time and give you the personalized help you need to live with abundance.