Flu Season Is Coming – Are You Ready?

October 12, 2016

flu season

Say no way to the flu! Don’t catch it-Don’t spread it!

We have all felt it! It starts with a twitch, then perhaps a prickle which now turned in to an itch. Achoo!  Or you hear them, the coughers, and the sneezers and blowers. As we are aware, avoiding the flu is not a small matter.  So what can we do?

First off avoid those that are sick! Older adults should avoid large public areas such as grocery stores, airports and any crowded public area during the flu season of late October to mid-March. The best way to prevent the flu is to soap the germs away. This is the top prevention of spreading the flu. It is also important to try and avoid touching your face such as rubbing your eyes not ears and mouth. Also always remember good health, makes for a strong immune system.

It’s almost here! Stock up on hand sanitizers, and keep yourself in tip top health this flu season and throughout the year.

If you need assistance during this time- to avoid germs and public places such as grocery stores, or public places, give Moorings Park home health a call. We will do it for you!  Or perhaps you need a caregiver while you or your family member is ill. Moorings Park Home Health agency can help.  A dedicated personal assistant can help you accomplish all of your projects on your list, such as household management, health and daily monitoring, medical visit coordination and attendance. Our care managers will create a personal plan to meet you or your family’s needs.

Talk to a doctor and get flu shots. Wash your hands and avoid germs. Stay away from public places as much as possible. And let us know if you need our help. Do that and you can tell the flu to stay away!