October 2016 -
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October, 2016

Tips for Aging Safely in the Home

Many seniors in Florida prefer to age gracefully in their own homes. It’s certainly their right, and for many, staying in their homes is more comfortable than living in a facility. In fact, only 3.5 percent of all senior citizens aged 65 and older live in a facility. The rest live in their own homes […]
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3 Must-Follow Tips on Hurricane Preparedness

Earlier this month, Southwest Florida dodged Hurricane Matthew as it tore through the eastern coast of Florida and ran up the Atlantic seaboard before moving out to sea – causing anywhere from $5 billion to $10 billion worth of damage. We haven’t taken a direct hit from a hurricane in 11 years, but that doesn’t […]
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Breast Surgery Updates 2016 Naples Florida

Breast Surgery Updates Join us for breast surgery updates and free lecture with Dr. Elizabeth Arguelles, MD, FACS!  Presented by Naples Community Hospital and 21st Century Oncology… Discussion on new surgical techniques for mastectomy, lumpectomy and treatment of the Axilla. About Dr. Elizabeth Arguelles Dr. Elizabeth Arguelles is a board certified breast surgeon who specializes in […]
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Home Care for Mid-Stage Alzheimer’s Patients

Is your family member suffering from mid-stage Alzheimer’s? This disease can be devastating, and the middle stages can be particularly disturbing. Your loved one will become increasingly disoriented and discouraged by their developing condition, and your family will begin to become stressed at the prospect of caring for the patient. At this time, it’s completely […]
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Flu Season Is Coming – Are You Ready?

Say no way to the flu! Don’t catch it-Don’t spread it! We have all felt it! It starts with a twitch, then perhaps a prickle which now turned in to an itch. Achoo!  Or you hear them, the coughers, and the sneezers and blowers. As we are aware, avoiding the flu is not a small […]
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