Find In-Home Senior Care in Naples

July 29, 2016

Do you have an elderly family member who needs someone to deliver in-home senior care in Naples?

If so, you probably have a loved one – a parent, perhaps, or a grandparent, or an older uncle or aunt – who can live in their own home, but requires the services of a senior care professional. They may not be in a nursing home or assisted living facility, but that doesn’t mean they are completely independent.

If this describes your loved one and their situation, an in-home senior care specialist may be able to help. Here’s how to find a responsible, caring care professional in the Naples area for your family member.

Determine Your Needs

First, figure out what you need when it comes to supervised care.

There’s a wide range of services that in-home senior care specialists can provide, including:

  • Transportation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Meal preparation
  • Shopping and errands
  • Medication management
  • Concierge assistant service
  • After-surgery care
  • Hospital care

Be sure to ask any agency on your list what, specifically, they do for your loved one. Get a good idea for the range of services they offer and how they fit within the customized plan the agency should offer.

Look for Qualified Supervision

There are plenty of providers of in-home senior care in Naples. But, not all of them are suitable for your situation.

One trait that makes a care provider appropriate is the fact that they offer qualified supervision. Your loved one’s care plan should be created by a registered nurse, who is also the person who supervises the professionals who execute the plan. That way, even though the actual services are being provided by a Companion or Home Health Aide, your loved one’s entire care is under the watchful eye of a registered nurse.

Additionally, each employee that works with your loved one should be screened very carefully by the agency. Background checks are essential to make sure you are getting someone you can trust.

Your loved one can receive care from two different types of professionals: Home Health Aides and Companions. Paying for Home Health Aides can be reimbursed by Medicare when the client is receiving other skilled nursing services and when your loved one needs personal care at home on a part-time basis. A Companion helps your loved one with meal prep, transportation, and shopping, and is typically available on a private pay basis.

Check References

Finally, always check references.

Ask for satisfied clients. They frequently are the best sources of feedback. Many agencies also have online reviews you can read to get a better idea for how they have performed. For example, you can check out testimonies like this one from one of our clients: “During those months when my father’s nursing home needs were most intensive, I was grateful for the high-quality supplementary care provided by the private duty staff.”

If you want to learn more about in-home senior care in Naples and what Moorings Park Home Health Agency care provide, please call 239-643-9121.