Signs to Look For When Private Duty Services Can Help

April 6, 2015

Caring for our fellow neighbors, family, friends and clients is what makes our community strong. Each of us can help, especially when we notice an individual that may be struggling with basic day-to-day activities in caring for themselves, such as:

  • Unable to drive or chooses to no longer drive
  • Stairs are getting hard to climb without additional assistance
  • Shirts are frequently miss-buttoned or unkempt appearance
  • Indication of missed meals
  • Cleaning their own home is too difficult to keep up
  • Appears lonely or isolating themselves
  • Existing caregiver becomes ill or appears to need a break

If you notice someone showing any of these signs, Private Duty services can help.

For more information, visit our Private Duty Services web page or give us a call at 239-643-9121.