Caregivers Need Rest and Care, Too

March 5, 2015

All of us have been in a caregiver role at some point in our lives and many of us are currently caring for their children, family and aging parents. These generous individuals are usually thinking of others before themselves. While being a caregiver can be critical for many families, it is very important that we are taking good care of ourselves, as well. According to the Older Womens League: Women and Long-Term Care, April 3, 2003, 25% of women caregivers have health problems as a result of their caregiving activities.

Caregiver stress can make it difficult to provide good care to others. Keeping on top of your emotional and physical well-being is the best way to avoid stress and burn out.

Here is a helpful infographic on How to Reduce Caregiver Stress:

Reduce Caregiver Stress

If you or a caregiver you know seems to be reaching a high-stress level on an ongoing basis, we can help through the support of our Private Duty program.

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