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Life Care Management

Life Care Services

Did you know that Moorings Park has a Community Health Department? It has been brought to our attention that there are many questions regarding our Life Care Management Program. The Life Care Management Program is a growing sector within Moorings Park and Collier County. Our aging life care managers are trained healthcare professionals and will […]
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Steps in Determining Care For Aging Family Members

Elderly family members typically have a strong desire to remain independent for as long as possible. In an effort to avoid becoming a burden on loved ones and remain in control of their own lives, aging family members will avoid asking for help. For this reason, it is often our responsibility to monitor the abilities […]
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Tips for Aging Safely in the Home

Many seniors in Florida prefer to age gracefully in their own homes. It’s certainly their right, and for many, staying in their homes is more comfortable than living in a facility. In fact, only 3.5 percent of all senior citizens aged 65 and older live in a facility. The rest live in their own homes […]
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Advocacy Provided to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Moorings Park Community Health offers a Life Care Management program to assist aging individuals with non-legal aspects of planning for current or future care needs. Life Care Management is a growing sector within the healthcare industry. Our aging life care managers are trained healthcare professional and will be a direct advocates for your loved one. […]
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Caring for Older Loved Ones When You’re Far Away

Long Distance Caregiving When suddenly faced with caring for a loved one when you live many miles away, it can be overwhelming and worrisome. Whether it’s your parents, grandparents or a loved one that is in need of in-home care or simply in need of some extra attention to support an independent lifestyle, it’s hard […]
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